Are you looking for a reputable company for the purchase of your Memorial Headstone for one of the Andover cemeteries? We are a family business, 4 generations old, which has been operating since 1925. For almost 100 years, we have produced more than 50,000 Memorial Headstone, all personalized according to the wishes of our customers. Since we know that the purchase of a Memorial Headstone represents an important purchase for families, we have taken care to add hundreds of models of achievements delivered and installed in the cemeteries of Andover to give you ideas.

The purchase of a monument is done in 5 simple but important steps:

Andover Memorial Headstones
1) Look at our existing models and send us a Free quote request
2) We will go with you to validate the restrictions of the cemetery in Andover and the size allowed for your Memorial Headstone
3) Determine together the design and the lettering that you would like to find on your Memorial Headstone
4) We will provide you with a scale plan for approval before starting to manufacture it
5) We will proceed to the delivery of the Memorial Headstone in the cemetery of Andover

*** Since our commitment is to offer the best service on the market, we will accompany you in each step.

Andover Monument Installation

Purchase your monument directly from the comfort of your home - {city}, in Canada or United States. Enjoy a quick and professional installation when you buy one of our monuments! We offer high quality monuments in a wide range of colors and finishes to meet your tastes and especially your needs. Our website offers templates that you can customize according of what you are looking for. Contact us to determine the right model of monument for your loved one. In business for almost 100 years, we can assure you that we will be able to advise you. Our service is personalized, without pressure and we can even move to your home to advise you in your purchase of Funerary Monument.

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